"Cliteracy, a project led by the artist Sophia Wallace, explores the history of the clitoris, the myths around it, and an introduction to the artists who have challenged misconceptions of the past." Read the full article.

Sophia Wallace speaks alongside Emma Gray, Amber Tamblyn, Erin Darke, Jackie Cruz, Phoebe Robinson during a Huffington Post/Bustle event called “Watch Us Run” at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Read the article here.

"Sophia Wallace, a conceptual artist whose work focuses on “how otherness is constructed visually on the gendered, sexualized, racialized body.” She’s received international acclaim for her project Cliteracy." Read the full article.

"L'artiste américaine s'empare de l'organe mal aimé pour lui donner la place qu'il mérite: le devant de la scene." 

Causette Hors-série #5

Sophia Wallace Counters the Cliches and Stigma of Radical Feminist Art​ 

"The work is a key reference in a new exhibition by Sophia Wallace, the New York-based conceptual artist known for her ongoing project Cliteracy: 100 Natural Laws. Wallace has dedicated the last four years to researching and raising awareness about the clitoris in her work that aims to dismantle taboos around female and feminized genitalia in the heteropatriarchy." Full review here

'Cliteracy' Artist Sophia Wallace on What It's Like When Your Work Goes Viral

"Brooklyn-based conceptual artist Sophia Wallace continues to make the case for the clit: that power-packed little organ whose complete anatomy was only "discovered" by a female urologist in 1998, almost 30 years after we put a man on the moon. Wallace's new show, OVER AND OVER AND OVER at the Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, builds on the demands of her viral mixed-media project CLITERACY: 100 Natural Laws, insisting on repetition as a gesture of necessity." Full review here.

"The conceptual artist’s latest show, OVER AND OVER AND OVER, amplifies her inquiry through intensely hued neons that shatter antiquated gender paradigms, illuminating the clitoris’ role in female sexuality and identity in a powerful message that rebels against the taboo, stereotypes and ignorance that have kept its truth hidden." Full review here.

"Made famous thanks to her Cliteracy project, an ode to clitoris that is both educational and fun, artist Sophia Wallace comes back with Over and Over and Over. With neon lights letters, the promising young feninist and queer artist is ready to dispel obscurantism that keep on overshadowing female sexuality." Full review here.

"L'artiste féministe Sophia Wallace expose en ce moment à la galerie Catinca Tabacaru à New York. Son idée ? Mettre en lumière le clitoris, cette partie du corps féminin encore taboue et toujours dans l'ombre.'" Continue here.

“In reality, it’s much bigger than most people think — about a quarter of it is visible, the rest is concealed. As artist Sophia Wallace put it in her 2015 [correction: 2012] piece CLITERACY, ‘it’s not a button, it’s an iceberg.’” Full review here.

"Sophia Wallace first came into my periphery when she made a splash at Scope New York several years ago with her iconic “CLITERACY” pieces. She continues with relating power with the clit- this time using a language of neon." Continue here.

"À New York, l'artiste Sophia Wallace expose des lettres de néons (clit') au sein de son projet Over and Over and Over pour dissiper l'obscurantisme autour de la sexualité féminine." More here.

“In Sophia Wallace’s photograph, Lee stands before an empty picture frame in black and white, their bare chest exposed beneath a leather jacket. Amongst the majority of images championing a woman’s right to present herself on her own terms, Wallace’s photograph challenges what we mean when we talk about “female bodies.” Full review here.  

“Queer conceptualist 
Sophia Wallace will also show work. Wallace is the genius behind CLITERACY, 100 NATURAL LAWS, a comprehensive breakthrough project for Wallace which used text-based objects and guerilla interventions in public space to dismantle taboos associated with the clit.” Full review here

“This exhibit presents the work of 20 very different female artists, each with their own visual aesthetic,” Cesarine mused. “It is extremely powerful to see a collection of multi-generational work by women on the subject of The Female Gaze.” Full review here

“It’s no secret that women artists are underrepresented in the art world, while their image, painted by the brushes of men, is one of the oldest artistic tropes. An upcoming show at Untitled Space challenges that unfair truth by presenting the work of 20 female artists depicting the female nude in an empowered, autonomous, and non-sexualized way.” Full review here. 

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